Malapascua Island and Kalanggaman Island

The old alien here is prone for impulse travels. One of which is the weekend travel I had to Malaspascua Island and apparently decided on the last-minute to visit Kalanggaman Island as well. Malapascua is one of the smallest inhabited island of the Philippines. It only measures 2.5 by 1 kilometer located 6.8 kilometers northeast… Continue reading Malapascua Island and Kalanggaman Island


11th National Youth Parliament

The 11th National Youth Parliament is a biennial gathering of 200 young people across the country for crafting of Bills and/or Resolutions that would serve as guide in policy making and to be endorsed on the House of Representatives and Senateย in service for the priority interest of the Filipino Youth. Two years ago, I was… Continue reading 11th National Youth Parliament