18 Things An Old Soul Would Understand

1. You are an Empath. Empaths are often poets in motion. You have the desire to change the world in any way you can. You are also known for many talents as your interests are varied and view them with a broad-minded perspective. You’re a natural caregiver, teacher, clairvoyant, etc. You are everywhere. 2. You… Continue reading 18 Things An Old Soul Would Understand



Dear attraction my most close friend
How wonderful it is to spend time with you
Everything is lit just because
It’s me, our misery, and you

Sometimes a familiar face was there
Eager for another share
Sometimes we melted the ice
It was naughty but it was nice

I smiled between the heat and the rain
Goodness how warm it poured
It felt good autumn
Dropping its silk and linen leaves

I went transparent, light headed
It was a whiff of helium
Burp! It was a Burp!
Hahahahahahahahaha, Helium!

And between the pauses
I tasted its breathing
The flavors of attraction
Sweet, Soft, and Smiling

“What would you do if I kiss you right now?”
I was lost in jest
But I answered anyway
“I would kiss you back.”

And then I woke up,
I’m home.