Dear attraction my most close friend
How wonderful it is to spend time with you
Everything is lit just because
It’s me, our misery, and you

Sometimes a familiar face was there
Eager for another share
Sometimes we melted the ice
It was naughty but it was nice

I smiled between the heat and the rain
Goodness how warm it poured
It felt good autumn
Dropping its silk and linen leaves

I went transparent, light headed
It was a whiff of helium
Burp! It was a Burp!
Hahahahahahahahaha, Helium!

And between the pauses
I tasted its breathing
The flavors of attraction
Sweet, Soft, and Smiling

“What would you do if I kiss you right now?”
I was lost in jest
But I answered anyway
“I would kiss you back.”

And then I woke up,
I’m home.