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ASEAN Youth Volunteers Programme 2017

August 1, 2017 marks the opening of the ASEAN Youth Volunteers Programme. I can say that the wait is over, it is really here. I am really here! I am honored to represent the Philippines and ecstatic to be part of this years’ AYVP focusing on the Development of ASEAN Youth DRR Leaders through Volunteerism… Continue reading ASEAN Youth Volunteers Programme 2017


18 Things An Old Soul Would Understand

1. You are an Empath. Empaths are often poets in motion. You have the desire to change the world in any way you can. You are also known for many talents as your interests are varied and view them with a broad-minded perspective. You’re a natural caregiver, teacher, clairvoyant, etc. You are everywhere. 2. You… Continue reading 18 Things An Old Soul Would Understand