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Blogging Rules

I had this conversation with friends Re: MESH LEYD.

Friend 1 to Friend 2: Beh, check out her blog. She posts a lot of articles about heart breaks. They are worth the read.

Friend 2 to me: Really? Okay, I’ll check it out some time.

They are both nice and very supportive and I’m thankful for that. But I can’t get not to linger on my friend’s observation. That I post a lot of heart break stories. This is not a big deal but I just need to clear my name on this. And also add something about MY blogging rules.

For the record, I did not say that I do not agree with my friend because I really do post a lot of heart break articles. Guilty. Continue,

When I’m writing, Aw! typing, I would always want to finish it in one sitting. (Explanation for grammar and typo logical errors. Is it a disease if you can’t proofread the things that you yourself wrote (typed)?) (LOL. I need training.)

But to tell you, the things that you hate, the things that pisses you, the things that hurt you, the things that broke the hell out of you, those where the things that increases you writing (typing) rate. Amarite?

And that’s it. Simple explanation why you think I wrote (type) those things.

But I get to question myself sometimes though. Am I really a melancholic, masochistic, sad, whatever I think I am?

The answer to that question is found in another question. That is, Am I?

(Haha. That was lame. That is just me being crazy because we are getting too serious here.)

To be honest, I find satisfaction in writing (typing) those articles. I can always easily find those deep, excruciating, you-need-to-read-twice sentences. Modesty aside.

Would you agree if I say that hurting melodramatic paragraphs are more catchy than the loving beholden ones? Maybe this doesn’t apply to you but for me, it does. Really.

Masochist. Affirmative.

Lastly, I somewhat got taken aback to writing (typing) all the good stuff because the mood would always be too ecstatic, too exaggerated, too MUCH. I can’t seem to control the TOO but I will get there, you’ll see.

Anyways, that’s just it. It was just a need to explain myself about the things that I WRITE. Not for you but for me.

This article will serve as a reminder to myself that “these are the things that I write and it’s okay to write these kind of stuff.”

Who cares anyway?

No one could oblige me to follow the blogging rules. “Have a niche”, “provide useful content”, “write happiness”, “write all the good stuff”, “write what people want to read”, yada, yada, yada. This is my anarchic piece of the internet. I will continue to write whatever I feel like even if it’s not particularly useful or of interest to anyone. Ha!


Feeling meh. Bye, Felicia.

PS. This is an example of i-tell-you-the-problem-but-i-already-know-the-solution scenario.

PPS. The Nothing Box, ladies and gents.