Okay. Aim for authenticity. I’ve been staring at this white screen soaked with the intention of divulging myself into my own thoughts but pondering hard how would I exactly inject these thoughts into writing.

Well I’m on a mission of taking the fear out by sharing the thoughts I have. Like a rocket that has been lit underneath my bloodstream, sharing the curiosity of life and inspiration drives me to bits. Held. Connected. Empowered. Soaked.

One day, I’m gonna find myself sitting in a corner and looking back to the days that I took myself on a journey around the web and infuse spirited magic that’s mine and mine alone. Until the day that I’ll come sharing and digging deeper on what is it that turns me Aha! and having the impact to my ‘right people’ that would serve them a place of good intent.

(Sorry for writing in flowers.)

We’re all suckers of stories. We’re captivated by them, latching on the narratives and losing ourselves in the unfolding. To find some quirky nuggets or two of goodness on the account of other people, So are you ready to veneer overwhelm, once and for all? Ha!

But I appraise you, my dear, there is no cookie cutter blueprint to ensure that this blog would wring your inner light ablaze or took your precious  away.  I could call this an Appreciation Blog, mostly for the people and happenings that I revered the most but I know there’s no such thing as that so I guess this is a just a stray piece of a blog.

One thing, I talk with sense so maybe, a tiny bit maybe,  your time could be delightfully wasted here. Also, I talk deep but I too am a random person. I think random tidbits for random thoughts of random happenings. A Lot. So deep. So random. So ME.

Thank you for your time. 🙂

PS. You might want to visit this blog’s guide.


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