Nothing Box


Soul. Loyalty.
Let those words echo.
Do you hear it? Do you understand?
No, you cannot because you talk too much.

There’s so few people in the world whom you can share breakfast at midnight with.
Few people who can imprint something on your soul from eleven to six in the morning.
No sleeping, just knowing.
Who says knowing is healthy?
Becoming a vampire was hard, good reward, a messed up body clock.

Hands can be weapons but our lips became fists, and tongues turned to knives.
I was ice and you are pointed. Sharp.
You sunk your hooks into bad habits that look like people and dreams.
I was addicted to the pain. I was fond of my breaking.
Fools we are.

Forgive me for flinching when your mouth is pressed against my neck.
It would be so much easier if we weren’t so chemical, like physics, like gravity.

You make me go through more hells, and be swallowed up whole.
The kind that one can never recover from.
Killing me from the inside, making me shiver over and over and over.
Oh god how I would love to die twice.



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