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AYVP 2017 Journal 1

We were tasked to keep a daily journal all throughout the duration of the ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme and post it on our social media accounts. Sooo, here are my two
cents ..

August 1, 2017

Today marks the opening of the ASEAN Youth Volunteers Program. I can say that the wait is over, it is really here. I am really here!

I am honored to represent the Philippines and ecstatic to be part of this years’ AYVP focusing on the Development of ASEAN Youth DRR Leaders through Volunteerism and Civic Engagement. Later, I will share my application journey and the objectives of the program.

This is my first time in Indonesia, well, actually, this is my first time traveling abroad. So I am really putting my bet that this event will really be unforgettable.


To start with, we were greeted with a very unique taste of breakfast at Tune Hotel in Bandung, Indonesia. We are gonna stay here from 1-26 of August, 2017 . Indonesian cuisine were really into spicy ingredients, but I do not have any problem on it at all. In fact, I like the food here.

Everyday for Weeks 1 and 4, we are going to walk from Tune Hotel to the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) for about 5 – 10 minutes as ITB is venue of our training sessions.

We were welcomed by the AYVP Organizers, listened and interacted with the guests, and expectation setting talk.

The importance of having a one ASEAN Community was tackled during the sessions, the vision of the ASEAN Safe School Initiative as well and the Challenges to Actions on Disaster Risk Reduction and Opportunities for Resilience Building. The speakers were familiar on the context of their presentation. The sessions today was interactive as it encourage maximum participation from the audience. We were also able to have a Consultation on the different aspects of our proposed projects and it was helpful. The organizing team also prepared a Welcome Dinner for us and we have performed our “Haka” (Cheers).

August 2, 2017

Today we tackled about the roles and responsibilities of a volunteer. I learnt that there are two types of volunteers, the Formal volunteers who contribute an unpaid time yo any activities of a formal organization and the Informal volunteers who have a wide range of different kinds of mutual help. I was also reminded that in any way, volunteers should always increase preparedness and decrease vulnerability.

We also had a workshop for Ethics, Code of Conduct and Accountability in volunteering.

Psychological First Aid was also discussed and it was a very interesting topic. I was able to realize a lot about the importance of Mental Health and the principles of psychological healing. Along with those, Safety and Security Protocols for Disaster response was also discussed.

I was also able to know about the existing Humanitarian Response Team for ASEAN Member States which is the AHA Center. Topics about Societal Leadership and resposible use of social media was also iterated.

August 3 – 5, 2017


Module 1: Introduction to Disaster Risk Reduction Reduction and Resilience Building
Module 2: Disaster Risk Reduction and Cross Cutting Issues
Module 3: ASEAN Region and Local DRRM Context
Module 4: Safer School and Disaster Education
Module 5: Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment
Module 6: Gender and Vulnerable Groups
Module 7: First Aid, Mental Health and PsychoSocial Support
Module 8: Religious Beliefs and Disaster

It was an informative and interactive series of lectures. Volunteers are now fueled with proper knowledge about the challenges and the needs of being a volunteer.

August 6, 2017

50 Youth DRR Leaders across ASEAN countries having a lecture right above a fault line in Lembang, Indonesia, with a mind empowered with understanding regarding the concepts of Disaster Risk Reduction and with a stirred up spirit of leadership to encourage preparedness and strengthen resiliency among communities. Yes. We are living in a vulnerable world. Yes, we could not escape hazards, but also Yes, we could definitely mitigate disasters.

August 7, 2017


Module 9: Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment
Moduke 10: Basic Disaster Preparedness and Response (Do’s and Don’ts)
Module 11: Introduction to Community Risk Assessment

Today, I was the leader of the whole team. Also, our group “Team Indonesia” had performed a traditional dance which they call “Samal” for the Cultural Exchange program.

August 8, 2017

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