The only constant thing in life is Change. Famous Cliché. But what this person likes about Change is that .. it comes with Progress.

I want you to know that you made progress. You made a very good work and I am proud of you. Really.

We may not speak that often anymore but I never stopped thinking about you, lurking on your social media accounts and your siblings’ to fetch updates about how well you’re doing.

I see that you are happy. You’re happy in your workplace and with the new people around you. I still recognize that beautiful smile whenever people shower you with attention. You are living your life and growing bravely.

With that, I am happy. I am relieved that you still have that rose gold energy in you, with or without me. I am delighted to see you expanding your horizon, meeting new people, overcoming your fears, and achieving success after success.

I couldn’t be any prouder.

‘Manghod ko naaa!’

Today, I wish to tell you that you don’t need to feel lost without me.

Time escaped us and we can’t even know when and how we lost touch or what changed between us, but I still remember when we both said forever. I hope you do, too.

Again, I want to reiterate to you that our road together haven’t hit the dead-end (will never happen), but we have to move forward on our own.

I wish that you take chances in life. I am hoping that our time apart will make you realize that we don’t have to have constant validation about how strong our bond is. The attachment is there, all we have to do is to recognize that it’s there.

You’ll be away and I promise, I’m still going to be here. I’m always here.

You are my living temple of memories so trust that I love you enough not to let you go, and I love you even more to let you experience the world and life without me, without seeking my approval, without hesitating whether I’ll be please or not.

I am moved that you look up to me but please, be happy. And don’t ever feel guilty about being happy without me, because that’s all I ever wanted for you.

I want you to be whole on your own. Be whole and be happy. Grow and explore places. Fill your spirit with your own memories. And share it to me when you get back.

I’ll be waiting. I love you always.


(Featured image taken form Tumblr)


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