The Gap

Pretentious. That is the one suitable word to describe the world and everything in it.

I would like to talk about sensible, conceivable, appropriate words to explain that but I’d rather talk about animals.

Zebras were black animals with white lines on them and they go in numbers to let their predators feel that they are a lot more than black and white lines. Snakes are poisonous creatures but they are forever on the ground crawling. Every other bird travel and fly and is always carefree, but they move to other places or hide when there is a storm.

You see, there is something about everything that fools you no matter how finely honed your eyes were. And you won’t notice these things until you really choose to notice. You believe what your eyes were telling you because it is simple to accept and understand just the way it is like that. It’s like believing that every other cake is sweet because goodness it is a cake, not knowing that somewhere there is what you call a Lemon Cake.

But despite knowing that, in fact, we settle for everything because everything is just everything when everything is given to us. We don’t formulate explanations anymore unless the explanations formulate our thinking and Aha! We finally understood.

What I am saying is that, we categorize ourselves one way or another. I am not saying it is a good or a bad thing because honestly, I do that a lot too. And it is exhausting.

You say, there is a gap. There is a gap between me and this person because s/he is just waaaaaaaaay out of my league. There is a gap because this person has a lot more to offer on the table. Wait. How sure are you that there is really a table? A table for comparison to distinguish which is which and how the other is lesser or greater than the other. You even religiously supposed that That Table is The Gap, but how sure are you?

I bet you will say “Yeah I’m total dope sure.” And I am even more betting that you have said that because that is just the way it is.

That gap you call out there, for me, is a place of deliverance, of understanding, of growth and a whole lot more. It isn’t something to worry or to be intimidated about, instead it is something to anticipate and to nurture and to explore and to understand and to grow with.

It is a play ground! Our play ground.

The clutch here is that, you recognize the existence of a gap, and the conundrum of overcoming and reaching and filling it in.

That is a beguiling way to accept that there really is none.

(featured image taken from Google)


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