Sirao Flower Farm

Why fly to Amsterdam when you can get this breathtaking and Instagram worthy view in Cebu, Philippines?



This flower garden has been the limelight of netizens recently. Another Go-To at the Queen City of the South.

How can you get to Sirao Flower Farm?

If you have read my previous blog about the Temple of Leah, this one should be your next stop.

By taking the ‘habal-habal’ motorcycle, you can get here from JY Square Mall, Lahug. If your first stop was the Temple of Leah, you can just tell the driver to bring you to Sirao Flower Farm, or the other way around. The ride will take about 30 minutes and costs 200 Php for back and forth travel. Other drivers may tote up additional fare and it’s up to your ‘diskarte’ and charm whether to bring it on or not. You can ask the locals for the exact location since they are very familiar with the place.

It is good to visit the farm on its harvest time, late October. Farmers start planting Celosia in July or August. It takes 3 months for the flowers to grow. I visited in January. I’m still good.


The farmers grow Celosia, or “burlas” in Bisaya, and coxcomb or the “brain celosia” or the “tapay.” The celosia blooms in rows, resembling like rows of fire. It is called “Celosia” because of its flame like aesthetic, which in Greek means “burning.” To take a selfie among the Celosias is like to be burned alive while smiling. Credits from Sunstar.

In 2011, the Cebu City government formally declared Celosia as the Official Sinulog Flower based on the colors of the cape of the Señor Sto Niño.

The entrance fee of the flower garden is 50 Php. Not bad?

Locals have also set up their own refreshment tent outside the garden where snacks and drinks are sold.


If you opt to stay there a lot longer to enjoy the breath of fresh air, you are allowed to sit on the benches.


img_2044Can you pick up/ carry home some flower?

This is my lapse. I wasn’t able to ask the caretakers of the farm if visitors are allowed to pick up some flowers. BUT, COMMON! I brought my manners on my pocket, so NO! They are just too beautiful for my hands. Heh!


But I got a selfie with my favorite flower, though. Just a selfie, no more. I can still hear how the flower girl inside me giggled.

Reminders. Support the local farmers. You can help them by buying a bundle of these beautiful flowers. Please, be careful to not step on the flower beds. Do not pick up the flowers too. Take nothing but selfies and leave nothing but footprints, and smiles. 🙂

Oh, there’s a comfort room for visitors, in case of bladder explosion.

Welp. Hope you liked this article. Have a nice life!

Your Alien,


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