Temple of Leah

Okay, so I’m almost two years here in Cebu and I just recently decided to visit this place. Yup! Too lame but isn’t it kinda sexy? Slow and all?

Haha. Kidding.

Anyways, I thought it would be interesting to feature it on MESH LEYD. Just doing my little part on spreading the word.

If you’re into adventures, you have probably heard about this Rome inspired attraction in Cebu. Some says it is the Cebu version of Bacolod’s The Ruins, but this one has a lot more to offer, one of which is the sight of Cebu 300 meters above sea level. Bacolod is still my first love, though.

How to get there?

I am assuming that you are already in Cebu City. The first thing to do is to make your way to Busay. You start off from JY Square Mall. Outside the mall, there are numbers of ‘habal-habal’ motorcycles that are willing to take you to the Temple of Leah. Fare costs 200 Php for back and forth travel. Don’t be fooled and be careful. Ask for a helmet, it is better to be one step ahead at all times. Then, make your way up the mountain passing by Cosmopolitan, Marco Polo and Chateau De Busay. Once you make the left turn for Mountain View Resort, you go straight along until the end of the road. You can ask the locals if you don’t trust me. You should then spot an enormous rustic feels infrastructure with cars and motorcycles parked outside the gates. You’ve arrived!

Heads up, you should probably opt to take the ‘habal-habal’ since the road maybe too steep and slippery when it rains. Charge it to experience, and trust me it is way more fun.

The Temple of Leah has been a work in progress since 2012, and still lies unfinished. But the photos that I will show you could be a solid 9.3 level of objective attractiveness. It is worth the travel. It opens from 6AM until 11PM. Entrance fee is 50 Php.


This is the entrance. Five years in progress but still has a lot of work to do, I guess. Dude, the place is huge. Are you feeling the hype now?




So I made my way to the main temple entrance. Here you can see the temple in all its awestruck glory. Before I made my way up the stairs, I took time on catching the breathtaking view of Cebu. You can see all of Cebu from here. Beautiful to behold.



We went there around 11AM, just in time when the Sun strikes the hardest but no regrets. The photos look amazing.




I roamed around the viewing grounds and was amazed by these statues. Beautiful work of art. I can’t get enough of these naked statues so I took a lot of clicks.


Look at this one posing like a boss! Naked, no less.



Before making my way up the steps, pictorial sessions for Instagram feed is a need. Thanks to supportive friends. Good choice we went there at high noon, I got the chance to own the glorious stairs.


Here, you can see two lions, one on each side. People are with glee eager to take photos with these golden beasts.


Inside, the first thing that will caught your eyes is this huge 9 ft. bronze statue of whom the place is named after, Leah Villa Albino – Adarna.

She is the late wife of Teodorico S. Adarna, who is known most for two things, being the business tycoon who owns the Queensland chain of motels, as well as being the grandfather of model-actress Ellen Adarna. We all know who Ellen is.

Teodorico made this temple to display his love for his late wife. He created this place to adopt a timeless architectural design and a landmark where the Adarna’s could trace their heritage.

I have heard that the Temple have 24 chambers showcasing Leah’s personal collection of books, arts, etcetera. Too bad I wasn’t able to see all of it.

The statue is a lifelike representation of Leah Adarna at the moment she was crowned matron queen of her alma mater, the University of Southern Philippines. The plaque at the bottom of the statue reads, “May the beholder discern her innate beauty, poise and genteelness.” Indeed, everything is a beauty.


Before my Adarna feels end, my eyes caught these brass angels made as supports of the wooden staircase just beside Leah Adarna’s statue. One word, Grandiose.


Looking up, you’ll see a glass pyramid which certainly draws comparisons to The Louvre Pyramid in France. Ha! High five for me because I know this thing. You can’t really see the pyramid from this angle, but really, it’s a pyramid.

All and all, the visit was short but everything is worth it.

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PS. Sooooo, make your trip as ‘sulit’ as possible. Upon hitting Rome, let’s go to Amsterdam! Watch out for the next article, Sirao Flower Farm.

Your Alien,


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