One Day

“One day.” The only two words that she had given you. Two words that gave you hope. Two words that allowed you to settle for less.

It isn’t jackpot neither torture. It is the anticipation of an oasis in the long summer season at the desert. So you continue to walk. You continue to do exactly what you have been doing.

Relationship sucks. Could be a Relationship? sucks more. But the Not-even-close-to-a-relationship sucks the most.

The cruelly honest truth behind all of these is that, she doesn’t like you enough to commit to a relationship with you. And you were devastated because you couldn’t love her enough to make her love you back.

“Friend.” She made it clear that it is all it could be. And you thought you were being a good friend to be there when she needed you. But the blind side was you let your feelings cloud your judgment. Friends don’t use each other to fill some void.

I saw how naive you were, pushing every door just to get through, trying to unlock every box when the only key you have is your love. I saw how it broke you. And it broke me watching you ask yourself, ‘Is love not enough?’

I just watched because I want you to open the right door. The door that you deserve the most. The door that I longed for you to see. And I am delighted that you have found it.

Now, I want you to build yourself altogether once again. It isn’t selfish and weak to want more. But ask it when you’re sure that you can contain it.

Do her a favor and give her what she wants, let her go. Because That, would serve you the most.

But be aware that she’ll miss you. She’ll miss you the moment you stop giving your undivided attention and time. She’ll miss you when you stop trying. She’ll miss the guy who loved her and would have done anything for her even if it meant to be just a Friend.

I wish that the day she realize your worth will be the day long after you realized it yourself.

“One day.” I hope this two words would once again give you hope.

One day, you’ll know that This made you stronger and wiser. That the person who loved with everything that he had will finally learn to love himself. And when she comes back because she miss her ‘friend,’ you’ll look her in the eye and smile.
“Friend …”


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