18 Things An Old Soul Would Understand

1. You are an Empath.

Empaths are often poets in motion. You have the desire to change the world in any way you can. You are also known for many talents as your interests are varied and view them with a broad-minded perspective. You’re a natural caregiver, teacher, clairvoyant, etc. You are everywhere.

2. You have a strong sense of Identity.

You know who you are, what you want, what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. However, you usually diminish the idea of ‘Wants’ because you put maximum significance to the ‘Needs’, may it be yours or not. You know that you have your own peculiar outlook on life compared to the majority of your peers.

3. You pay attention to details.

You are highly sensitive. You sense every energetic frequency and recognize even the subtlest motion much more the changes from the people around you. You understand microexpressions.

4. You have “Outer Space” Intuitiveness.

You think about the significance of your existence, how atoms were made, how aliens were formed, etc. You think deep and is often prone to overthinking. You have an enormous capacity to worry and make assumptions.

5.You are the Opposite and the Not.

You are convinced that you have a split personality. You are highly expressive in all areas of emotional connection, talk openly, and quite frankly. But most of the times you have problems talking about your feelings. You tend to be reclusive and apparently unresponsive, even appear to be ignorant. You are often quiet and can take a while to handle a compliment for you are more inclined to point out other’s positive attributes. But sometimes, you are a royal blooded narcissist. Ironic.

6. You can write an essay about your “Greater Purpose.”

You are convinced that you are conveyed on this planet for a mission.

7. You know gravity.

You quantized everything according to its degree of significance. You have your personalized list of To-Dos that must be attended to, and for once in your life you have legitimized your hierarchy of priorities.

8. You have a solid quest on finding “The One.”

A number of people can bring you fascination but you crave an arduous search for your true confidant who can satisfy your definition of Compatibility, no matter how strong the infatuation you hold.

9. You don’t settle for anything less than soulmate love.

You require a lot more from above the ground or down below relationship. You can endure being alone a little longer and accept the inevitable impending hardship and live through the resulting pain with fortitude knowing that eventually you will find your soulmate.

10. Nomad. Gypsy. Wanderlust.

You seek for adventures. And stories. You believe that you have your “once in a lifetime” kind of connection somewhere so you keep searching. Ever restless in over indulging your free spirit.

11. You hated conflicts but you tolerate complications.

Conflicts with other people is inherently exhausting to you. Feigning disinterest for the sake of looking “superior” is your all time defense mechanism. Instigating conflicts isn’t instinctive to you, and perpetuating it stresses you more than you could ever find it “fun.” But you still do nothing about it because you welcome it wholeheartedly.

12. Solus.

You enjoy spending time alone because you know that you never really are. You embrace your whimsical dispositions, diabolical mind, suicidal instincts, past midnight regimen of “I’m gonna die unhappy” and lots of “I know better!!!”

13. You have old ears.

You love and appreciate the classics and have a longing for the musicality of those nostalgic tunes.

14. Your pride is sky-high.

Asking for help is as much as possible, a No-No for you.

15. Your standards are at stratosphere level.

You expect a lot from yourself, likewise, you are expecting a lot from your partner-to-be, truth be told. You may be classified as a farouche hopeless romantic because denial is your game. While looking for ‘the catch’ that ultimately outweighs any redeeming quality an individual may possess is acceptable, it is horrid to just cut off a person because they aren’t deal-breakers. You understand that it is important to accept imperfections but you still keep the ball rolling.

16. Superhero Wannabe.

You find it unbearable to see other people in pain. You are attracted to people who needs saving and constant validation just to fuel your desire to be ‘of use.’ There’s almost nothing that feels better than being able to help people and make them feel better again. This isn’t a bad deal, but it is crucial to know that people need to develop their inner selves for a reason and that they need to grow and cope up on their own.

17. You subconsciously want to “fix” everyone.

The idea of healing other people’s most unresolved issues is your idea of healing yourself. Along it, you refuse to accept that the world is on a give and take cycle. It is imperative to realize that you have to be in motion with the cycle and not procure yourself a charity case.

18. You understand the transience of life.

You have a timeline for almost everything. You are intrigued not only with your own mortality, but also with everyone around you. You usually hold back and look at the potential long-term plan, end game, and the back up plans when things comes to worse. This wisely dictates the way you live your life.


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