Among the 8 billion people in the world, how would you know that you have found the right one for you?

My answer is, “You wouldn’t.”

You wouldn’t know that s/he is already there, you wouldn’t even notice it coming. You will have no clue.

You just have to believe that you are capable of finding whoever s/he is. It all comes down to square one. Believing.

Believing means being reckless. Reckless to the point of no return. When you believe, you take it all as one, judge your feelings from the tip of your tongue. Get me? It’s when you take yourself out from the repercussions, no more any other possible scenario, just this one. You push yourself to your limits, so hard and so hard because you believe.

You believe that in any choice you make comes an answer to a question. You keep making choices no matter how few more new questions are laid before you. You keep clicking Next because you don’t mind those few strategic losses. You never stop. You never quit.

And before you even realize you have found what you are looking for, s/he have found you. And you didn’t know. Both of you didn’t know.

Surprise. It’s a surprise taken to another level. But the real surprise was over coming the boring. It’s a process.

It was never about Not giving up, neither about Not letting go nor Fighting for it. It was just about taking over the boring, the friendship, because you believe. Now it’s not just friendship, it’s Friendship. What a surprise!

How long does it takes to realize that the world is still too naive to understand that peaks, highlights, the ups, and the gold are just cynical and pathetic outputs from mediocre intellect of normal people? Too mainstream that it becomes too boring. Too normal.

What about the beauty of lows? The average? The stains, the crashing down, the broken, the bitter and the brittle? What about swimming through?

Everything doesn’t need to be always good. Confusions and complications are the things that makes it superb, alive — Life. So you keep believing, pushing, and struggling despite the countless last lines it will cause you, because after all, Satisfactory is way too far from complete happiness.

Yes, we all believe. But others want proof, else, they believe everything.

But you knew better. Just like Mr. Robot saying, ‘I don’t want your proof, I want your belief.’

I believe! Shout it. I believe!

So you stood up. Clasped your fingers in between the spaces of its congruent fitting.

And then you smiled, because you knew.


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