One Shot Of Happiness

This time, I would like to give myself this one shot of happiness.

I am distinguished to be one of the people who had always been following The Rules. The Rules which I also set myself.

It’s insane yet appropriate to say that these are the things that makes me inhumane.

And for once, I want it to stop.

Stop the overthinking. Stop listening to the other voice. Stop the over analyzing. Stop knowing everything. Stop having solutions to every problem even before they become problems. Stop the hypotheses. Stop the metaphors. Enough.

Let me have my pause. Because I want to feel.

Just this once. I want to be just like every other normal human being. Carefree. Ruthless. Loud. And Alive.

For all those years that I have carefully wrapped myself with my so called standards and peculiar definitions of human life and unuttered feelings, I would like to have a break and take a sip of fresh dandelions.

I have walked in a staight path circumferencing a circle for so long, this time I will be brave to jump around in zigzags.

I am choosing life, so I am giving myself this One Shot Of Happiness.

Just this one.


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