Nothing Box

Fine Line Between GAPPA and BAMF

Have you ever met people who have been pretty convinced that they don’t need saving and that they have built a wall so high to guard themselves to the point of committing to a give and take relationship scares the hell out of them?

It’s like having the slightest thought of being tied up makes them choke already.

The serious thing is, they can’t even share themselves to you, even if they want to. So, they’re GAPPA and BAMF. Good At Pushing People Away. Bad At Making Friends.

Conclusion. Tendency of dying alone is above kidding.

Circumstances and Life’s mess happen to mold them what they are now. And you can’t blame them. You also can’t just compel them to let you in right away, it’s not that they don’t want to, they are also trying.

– – – – –

I was lost there. Gush. Gotta get my balls straight now.


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