Man, this is for you

I am a woman and I admire men.

I know that their species is as fascinating and worth chasing as a dribbling basket ball.

I’ll be naive to say that women are perfect. I’ll be foolish to say that it’s only women who shouldn’t be taken for granted.

So now, I’m speaking to the men. In their happiness and fulfillment, insecurities and disgust, brokenness, bitterness and fear of love. In every negative thoughts towards women, in every crooked smiles of sorrows, in every relationship or absence of one, or in every doubt about ever finding The One. This is for you.

Be free. Never hold back. You have your life and you make your own choices. Be bold and risk a bet. Let go if you needed to.

Don’t just find a girl who is good in everything she does, but isn’t everything you imagined her to be. Find a girl that fits in every aspect of you. Don’t settle in a relationship if it doesn’t give you fireworks. Don’t adjust if you think she suits well for you, because you think she’s all you’re going to get. Don’t hold yourself up on a pedestal but don’t let yourself tied up to a woman who doesn’t love you the way you needed to be loved. Let her go.

If her smile doesn’t light your soul ablaze, if the sight of her doesn’t take your breath away, if her laugh and presence isn’t a crave, if you find yourself wishing for someone else, if you find yourself with someone else, if your days feel empty, if you know that this woman isn’t who you would want to marry, Set her free.

Humans are imperfect, and women are no exception. She is just as imperfect as the next person, we all are.

So avoid being in an unsatisfying relationship with women you do not feel passion for. If you don’t want to fall in love, then don’t pretend to be.

She is entitled for your honesty. Because she deserve it too. She deserves a John Cusack who would hold a boombox outside her window. She deserves a ride off on a lawnmower with Patrick Dempsey. She deserves a Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got her.

And you need not to be pretty cavalier about it. You are supposed to be eternally in love with her and shit. If you don’t, this is where the magic happens. And as we all know by “magic”, it means “nothing.”


Seek for a woman who completes you, but was already whole. Seek for a woman who understands that you are too afraid to be honest, but teaches you not to be. Seek for a woman who gives you unconscious smiles, sweaty palms and nervous text messages. Seek for a woman who doesn’t give you half love.

By all means, do us a favor.


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