An Open Letter to my Lover’s Next Girlfriend

Hello there,

You might think this is weird, it is.

I just need you to know what a fantastic boyfriend you have. He will treat you perfectly, like you are the most precious thing on this planet. He will always make you feel comfortable, secured, and love every single inch of you. He will love you with his whole heart and he will never give you a reason to doubt his unwavering loyalty. He will spoil you every day with his cute and thoughtful text messages. He will love you more than anything.

I will also tell you that he is sensitive. You need to watch what you say and what jokes you crack. He will hold onto his anger or hurt for a long time. But he will never tell you. He is thoughtful of you more than he is thoughtful of himself. He is deep. And you should be prepared to drown yourself for him, with him.

Please, love him and appreciate the things about him that I could not. He deserves that. He deserves someone who does not think all of his feelings and thoughts are bothersome. Spoil him, share every detail of your day with him, communicate your feelings and understand his, he will love that. Appreciate his enthusiasm in his favorite basketball team, his silence, his patience. Appreciate him.

Please, love him wholeheartedly and genuinely.

Thank you.



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