78 Things to Bestfriending

  1. Find someone with the same wavelength as yours.
  2. Find him/her in church.
  3. Find him/her at school, cheating.
  4. Find him/her in the smoke, drunken sweat, varicolored light of an upscale nightclub.
  5. Make him/her your friend.
  6. Make him/her your best friend.
  7. Find shared interests and common ground like sushi, folk music, or Oreoย with peanut butter.
  8. Build an impenetrable bond.
  9. Make it sacred.
  10. Talk about politics.
  11. Talk about nothing of significance.
  12. Do little thinking.
  13. Let the days pass unnoticed.
  14. Call him/her at 3AM to say “Hi, Goodnight.”
  15. Get into fights about inconsequential things.
  16. Let a year pass unnoticed.
  17. Begin to notice.
  18. Figure out that you should probably do something humanitarian oriented because you have wasted a lot of time.
  19. Save money.
  20. Spend savings.
  21. Repeat.
  22. Jog at 5AM in the morning.
  23. Eat on a fast food after.
  24. Tell him/her he/she is getting fat.
  25. That was a lie.
  26. Tell him/her anyway.
  27. Lie.
  28. Plan a trip abroad.
  29. Believe that it’s gonna happen, but it’s not.
  30. Plan nothing at all.
  31. Plan an out-of-town instead.
  32. Rant about being broke.
  33. Buy an expensive coffee instead.
  34. Plan a beach outing.
  35. Make it come true.
  36. Take pictures.
  37. Make sure you look better than him/her.
  38. Tag him/her on Facebook.
  39. Make a song cover.
  40. Off key and awkward.
  41. Buy something identical.
  42. Don’t use it because it’s identical.
  43. Motivate each other.
  44. Discouragement is better.
  45. Don’t say anything at all.
  46. Shut up.
  47. Be happy on his/her achievements.
  48. Be jealous about it.
  49. Deliberate self-pity.
  50. You are no good.
  51. Hopeless.
  52. Leave your social life.
  53. Lapse into an indifferent sadness.
  54. Have a mid-life crisis.
  55. Stay in bed for a week.
  56. Avoid communicating with anyone.
  57. Watch TV series.
  58. Watch at night.
  59. Sleep in the morning.
  60. Feel sometimes contented, but mostly vacant.
  61. Take a peak on your Facebook account.
  62. Wonder at your lack of achievement.
  63. Be jealous.
  64. Be pissed.
  65. Block people.
  66. Unblock people.
  67. Apologize.
  68. Work out.
  69. Pretend nothing had happen.
  70. Contact your best friend again.
  71. Ask him/her out.
  72. Your treat.
  73. Learn something.
  74. Fail.
  75. Try again.
  76. Grow old.
  77. Be thankful.
  78. Life.


PS. Bestfriending is not a word.

(featured image taken from google)


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