Pursuing Engineering [Mechanical Engineering for me] wasn’t as hard as we see it on polls. In fact it’s EZ, you just have to study, and saw a lot of steel, and grind things, and know how to design an internal combustion machine.

If you are thinking I am writing about why I had chosen this field, you are wrong. I will talk about that later these days. Chill. I am writing for all you board exam takers and reviewers.

Here in the Philippines, students are dedicated to pass the board examinations of their respective course/field. Who doesn’t want to have a title? You got to have extra letters when people address your name and it’s a sweet fulfillment.

Anyways, my mission here is to drop nuggets of pointers, reminders and no-no’s to my sibs and kids in Engineering, or in any field that this might help (hopefully). I wish you could get at least one or two before you realize you know better. Heh, Okay, so here:

1. Pili sang Review Center nga nami. (Find a good Review Center.)
>> Do some research on possible review centers. Ask some people you know about their recommendations.

2. Relax. Indi magpakulba. Indi masyado magpastress. Indi maminsar kung ano-ano. (Don’t be afraid. Don’t stress yourself too much. Don’t over think.)
>> It’s not like its gonna eat you or something. Just relax and keep your cool. You’ll never learn as many as you could if in the first place your mind is already full. Full of stress. Clear your mind and focus on one thing — to pass the board exam! Disregard the thoughts of “What if I fail?”, “What will I do when I fail?”, “I’ll probably unfriend all my classmates on Facebook.”, “Will my parents still accept me?”, “Will my girlfriend/boyfriend leave me?” Nah! You don’t need those stuff. Find time to find your peace and try to erase them.

3. Tun’i ang mga wala mo pa nabal’an. (Learn the things you didn’t know.)
>> What you’ll going to encounter on your review course are the basic things you learned from school five years ago. You just have to revisit them in your head and relearn how MDAS works. You’ll probably have a day where you’ll find yourself ranting “Wala ko man ni natun’an sg una.” (I didn’t learn this in school) or “Wala man ni gintudlo ni Sir.” (My teacher didn’t taught me this.) And you’ll be alarmed that other students from other Universities have mastered it. Do not rattle. Learn it, even you start from the beginning.

4.Amat – amat lang sa pagtuon. Indi pagshocka imo kaugalingon. (Step by Step learning/review.)
>> Do not expect to know everything on your first evaluation test. Swear, you only have 30% knowledge left of five years study after you graduate. Recall. That’s why we call it ‘Review.’ Follow the outline topics the Review Center has given you. If its Math, then its Math. If its Machine Design, then its Machine Design. If its Power and Industrial Plant Engineering, then its PIPE. Do not juggle one after the other.


5.Pangita style paano mo dasig marecall mga natun’an mo. (Find a unique way to help you recall what you’ve studied.)
>> Be creative about it. Reading and memorizing formulas everyday is old school, even when you read it out loud. Yes you need extra effort because we know how hard it is to memorize the formula for the area of a frustum with a square base. Try writing and rewriting it everyday. Say a topic and enumerate the principles and formulas under it on your paper, even on key terms only. Try posting formulas on your walls, door, ceiling of your bed (if it’s a double-deck and you’re on the lower part), even in the bathroom. Who cares? Just be sure it won’t get wet. Try asking random review questions on your friends on your way home, or on your lull time. And ask them to ask you after. Try to add acronyms on formulas e.g. “TRUE LOVE NI THETA SI JG” which is the formula for Torsion Constant.


6.Pangita boarding house na komportable ka. (Find a comfortable boarding house.)
>> If you review in Manila or in Cebu which doesn’t happen to be your hometown, find a comfortable place to stay for 4-6 months. Environment is something not to be taken for granted.

7.Indi magpakadahak-dahak sa review materials. (Don’t be so greedy on review materials.)
>> LOL. This actually happens a lot. Reviewers tend to struggle on the materials they’ve got. Why do they don’t have the material’s other have? And keeping the materials exclusive per boarding house. Buying 8 pages reviewer for 2000Php. Yes, my friend from **** University told me that and it actually happens. I say to you, THE HELL WITH THEIR MATERIALS! Focus on what you have. If they generously share, that’s good, if they don’t, do not stress over it. There’s only a 1/10000th possibility that what they have in there would be one of the actual exam question. But also, be generous if you are blessed.

8.Upod sa mga close mo nga migo/miga. (Be with your close friends.)
>> When people say you have to befriends with everyone, and strengthen the bond you have with all your batchmates, Spit on that! Pweh. It’s a good thing but I refuse to believe in it. You don’t have to please everybody in order to have some of they have. Find your own crew and do the best thing about it. Because kid, review is the time to truly know someone and how she/he behaves at home and you might have the tendency to dislike her/him in every way that she/he do and you’ll end up stressed up and its bad for you. You may know a person for five years but you might not understand how she/he is like that. So in order for you to avoid hassles, be with your closest friends.

9.Break gamay. (Have a break once in a while.)
>> If you feel you’re already choked up, take a rest, jog, watch a movie, buy your favorite food and eat some desserts. You deserve it.

10. Pangamuyo. (Pray)
>> You know how it works. “And all things you ask in prayer, believe and you shall receive.” Matthew 21:22.

And in the examination proper, may I remind you to always follow instructions in answering the test papers. Use your time well and don’t be over-confident. Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. Count your perceived correct answers and mistakes later.

Board exam questions are tricky, you should take note of the details especially decimal differences given in the multiple choice. Double check your answer as much as possible. Finish the alloted time for examination before you pass your answer sheets when you’re already finished. This will give you more time to review your answers very well, and be kind enough that you won’t cause rattle to your co-examinees.

Also, do not discuss the exam right after you took it. Give it a rest. As well as don’t tell your co-examinees that the exam is easy to try to look smart because it can backfire sometimes especially when the results are out and you can’t see your name on it.

If somehow you didn’t make it on your first take, don’t be discouraged. Try again after six months. Never quit. Study harder. Pray harder. Because,


PS. Best of luck to your exams my dear. Top the Board!


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