Nothing Box

Half My Crazy

If you can relate, then you’re a weird human being, and I love you!

  1. When you walk right straight through a glass door.
  2. When you wrongly pronounced a word your whole life.
  3. When you want to cough or sneeze on a very quiet meeting.
  4. When you’re on a prayer meeting and you shouted “Amen!” because the prayer leader said ‘In Jesus Name’, just to realize that the prayer isn’t over yet.
  5. When you try to utter something [loud] to cover your noisy fart but your sense of timing wasn’t on your radar so everybody ends up hearing your fart after you caught their attention.
  6. When you clean your hands with the condensed water outside your glass.
  7. When you say ‘last one episode’ but what you actually mean is ‘last ten episodes.’
  8. When you want more sugar than the usual because you don’t want to share.
  9. When you try to smile on your reflection and believed that you looked good today.
  10. When you don’t want to say good morning first because you’re the last one who said goodnight.
  11. When you comment ‘LoL’ but you actually doesn’t find it hilarious, not a single bit.
  12. When you clean your phone screen using your boobs. or your stomach. or your butt. Whatever suits you.
  13. When you try to fit in your bed and not even dare to let your foot out your blanket to avoid extreme boogeyman effect.
  14. When you try to eat Jollibee’s fries and repeatedly convince yourself that McDonald’s fries is better, or the other way around.
  15. When you crazed dance on your nakedness in the bathroom because something turned up better than you expected.
  16. When you eat like a flash because you want to consume more food than your friends in order to recompense your contribution.
  17. When you drink coffee not because you’re sleepy but because it’s 3 in the afternoon.
  18. When you nod and ‘aah’ on your professor but you actually understand nothing.
  19. When you take care of your last hair tie like it’s the most precious thing on earth. [Girls]
  20. When you use your underwear back to back to save yourself from laundry. [Boys]

These, and a million more. Have a great day, crazy!


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