Proclamation of an Independent Woman

Millennial women have been changing the norms of the society for the past years, and now more than ever, independent women appear to be everywhere.

What I had wrote down where some of the things I see from self sufficient Generation X women. I myself considered me as a mutant so I wrote I instead of We.

On second thought, I was just enumerating answers for the famous question “Why should we hire you?”  Kidding!

Forget it, just be broad and generalize. Here,

I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.
I don’t need to be fetched every time I go on late night dates with myself.

I need my alone time.
I usually go shopping by myself and I don’t mind sitting in a coffee shop alone neither share my coffee.

I don’t mind if you don’t call or text me every second.
I won’t be contacting you either.

I am perfectly fine running errands and exercising by myself.
I would be glad to have you along if you want, but don’t talk to me while we’re on it.

I can clean up my own mess.
I like it better when I innovate solutions to my problems.

I don’t talk my self pity issues with other people.
I deliberate with it by myself, mostly on Sunday nights, 11 PM.

I am comfortable paying my way and will feel really funny if you constantly insist on treating me.
To not owe somebody anything is something that I value. I never expect anyone to pay for me or buy gifts. If it’s not on a birthday or Christmas, it feels like a bribe.

I am uncomfortable for people bargaining for my time.
It feels wrong for someone to pay for time with gifts or a promise of a favor.

I will never ask anyone to lend me money, unless ultra-mega-emergency.
If I do, I will feel odd and uncomfortable until I could pay you pack. But I tease on it often.

I don’t do gossip.
Hundred and one convinced that it is a total waste of time.

If my friends want to have a happy hour with their other friends, I’m cool with that.
I prefer it. Go and explore the world, human.

I know how to save money and is actively interested in planning for my own house, car and retirement.
I know 401(k).

I make awesome timelines for travel adventures, food tastings, career setting, etc.
I collect To Do notepads on my desktop.

I get very frustrated with extremely needy, dependent people.
The frustration may make me vexed and callous, but it’s more about wanting to see people help themselves and not just rant and be helpless about it.

I engage civic service.
Quite my thing.

I don’t mind investigating noises at 3 AM.
There is no gleeful experience than having to feel a sense of fulfillment at 3:30 in the morning.

I like to fix things myself.
I usually climb cabinets to replace ceiling lights and bring a step stool over to get things off of high shelves, even if you’re way taller. I don’t mind being called Tarzania or Amazona.

I stress relieve alone.
I superbly like my alone time on a basketball court and play hoops, do laps on late afternoon, and buy chocolates for midnight snacks.

I enjoy giving advice.
I welcome people with strong emotional disabilities as my patients and pamper them with good poison. And eventually join them to cry over it.

I use memes a lot.
I like TFW I see myself a step closer to kingship on the internet.

I have extreme appreciation for McDonald’s fries.
Having to know the fact that potato fries take a LONG time to be totally digested, I savor every goodness I get to have.

I can be stubborn and adamant in handling things.
I take others’ advice because they’ve been through something like it before but I tend to try it my way at first. I am used to certain ways of doing things. End up failing but gets over it.

I am delighted with the idea of being a Femanon.
I like myself behind the curtains and I am enjoying life more with my anonymity. But I can satisfyingly handle crowd and public speaking too. I can do both.

I have developed certain ideas and beliefs.
I don’t need you to bow down to my whims, but I would much appreciate your acknowledgement of the things that I see differently. Just don’t assume that I will go along with how you approach things in your life too. Explain it to me first.

I prefer useful men.
Instead of a romantic partner, I secretly admire men as secure as I am. Someone who knows his goals straighten up for the next ten (10) years / knows the difference between wanting and needing another person / a cook / a cleaning person / a sport enthusiast / practical / neat / and opens the door for me. It would be nice if you’re a cheesy guy but if you happen to be more than that, I will love you more.

I just want my space.
This doesn’t mean that I am not open to being in a committed relationship. I convincingly need someone to be by my side whenever I feel vulnerable. I can love fiercely with all my heart but I will never let you go trump all over it.

I love to love.
I may not be expressive and affectionate all the time but believe me, I am stunningly thoughtful for you.

I am tough, ambitious and I know what I want. If that makes me a biatch, Okay.
All my love for Madonna.

I follow Shakespeare’s advice and takes it to heart.
”To thine own self be true.”

PS. Never meant to scare you.300px-Woman-power_emblem.svg.png

(Photos taken from Tumblr)


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