Mouth Breathing

For people who frequently gets cold for no apparent reason at all, I feel you.

These are the moments of your life when you happen to turn into a mouth breathing human being, unless you are born one.

The above statement isn’t meant to offend you. I love you, you know that.

Acute viral rhinitis (or the common cold) is an infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose. Symptoms consist of runny nose, sneezing, congestion, postnasal drip, cough, and a low-grade fever.

There is more to a page explanation of why some people suffer a cold more often but what concerns me at this moment is how it makes one normal nasal breathing tellurian a mouth breather.

I was sick for the past days and have been mouth breathing since due to nasal obstruction. I feel so uncomfortable when mouth breathing because it makes my mouth dry so I have to drink more water. Drinking water is healthy of course, but consuming water more than the usual happens to make me pee a little often. I have to excuse myself from work every once in while for a little comfort room trip.

I cannot risk myself to nasal breathe because it might create an ick sound and it would be embarrassing, not to mention my workplace is zero hubbub. I can hear my lungs every time I exhale and pretty sure my cute guy office mate can hear it too.

I also found out that for people who habitually mouth breathed as a child misshapes their face as they grow up. See image.



I am not actually alarmed by the idea of face-crooking-mouth-breathing, most of my friends normally see my face distorted already so I’m good.

More for the med-talk, you may readΒ here.

(Photos taken from Google)


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