Nothing Box


Seriously. I have nothing inspiring and good to say right now. Seems like my nothing box won the battle for the past week. And of course, I’m letting it win. Gash, my nothing box is glorious.

Do you ever have that day when you just don’t feel like thinking? or talking things out? even getting up from your bed? You just want to stare at the ceiling until your butt hurts because you lay still way too flat? Yes, it’s awesome right?

And, my adjectives and verbs are weird. I mean, who do mix “still” and “flat” and “awesome” and “butt” in one paragraph? Maybe some crap writer over there. Are there even “crap writers” over there? I say, either you call them Writers or Crap, there’s no in between.

And this is the moment you realize you made a wrong choice reading this article and you are like ” – – – “. Now that’s your nothing box. Good to know you finally meet.

You’re welcome.

And you ask yourself, “Why do I even bother to figure out this thing?” Let me ask you that question.


PS. I’m sorry. Don’t hate me.

PPS. Crap.


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