Do you ever have that person in your life that, you know, is just like gonna be one of your person? Hahaha. Because that’s my friend, Jan Rae Gabrielle Miranda, one of the kindest person I have ever met.

She’s one of my favorite person on this planet, because she has this way of letting you feel you’re on the safe side. A place where I can be myself and I wouldn’t be judged. We don’t usually talk about how close we really are or how intact is our friendship is, but it is. Its just so amazing how I feel so comfortable having her around.

I remember the time when I’m just so messed up during college days because of the responsibilities I could not handle anymore, and she’s gonna pop out from nowhere, sit with me, offer her time for whatever rant I have to throw and be the best listener in the world. She could have won Oscars for that talent. I guess she has that sixth sense in tuned into what we call “timing.”

Summer of 2010. As I remember correctly, that was the time when I first saw Gabby. It was the interview for college. She and her friends were sitting inside the ARS office waiting for their turn. She was with Carla Patricio and Janine Orocio. (Haha, I remember very well.) I came in and stood awkwardly at the door, oh there’s no because, I just stood there. Awkwardly.

Before too much intimidation could swallow me alive, that’s where magic Gabby speak in. She said “Miga, ara to si Miss sa may piyak na office, Wala to student subong.” It was a simple gesture but I really thought that the girl was kind. And she really is. She could be the president of the Girls With Kind Hearts Who Selflessly And Genuinely Devote Themselves To Family And Friends. GWKHWSAGDTTFAF

Maybe Gabby doesn’t even remember this had happen. Haha.

So Gabby,

On your special day, I want you to know that I appreciate you more and more everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For being a good friend. For laughing at my silly jokes. For tolerating my craziness. For helping me find happiness in being the person that I am. For never asking questions when all I wanted was a long hug and a few laughs. For allowing me to know that I always have somewhere to go.

Thank you for setting the walls so high that no other “Gabbys” on this world could be as great as you. I’ll never barter our friendship to anything. And, you are one of all the people I know which I consider my Home. Thank you for being my Home Gab.

Thank you for the genuine friendship. I love you. Happy Birthday. 🙂


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