Cause in Marae

Seriously, I do not know where would I start. I just want to appreciate this beautiful lady who happened to be my friend. Chyanne Marae Lopez.

(Chyanne Marae Lopez as she strikes a pose on Graduation Day, 2015)

The name itself resounds how sweet and ecstatic is the owner. Yes, that’s what comes first to my mind when I hear her name. I like her name. I find it cute.

Its been almost six years. I never thought Chyanne would be one of my closest friends in college. She’s out of my league. I mean, she has cool friends, that makes her cool too.

So ever since freshmen year, I had always admired her. She’s up for the cheers. She’s a great dancer, she can sing, she’s a natural leader, she’s a thoughtful friend and a caring daughter, she’s easily flowing on the friendmosphere current everywhere. She simply rocks.


(Chyanne with her mom on our Recognition Day, April 2015)

But life made sure we cross our paths and we became friends. Thanks to RWSO. We spend the rest of the years in college as friends, no, as sisters, as family.

We have built this bond between us that we surely know could last a lifetime and the next.

And Chyanne, I have known her much better. And from that day on, I have loved her even more. I love who she is the way who she is. She’s sweet as her name yet tough when sheย needs to. She leads and speaks her brilliance without taking hold but she listens too. She says what she feels and she inspires me to be real. She’s just .. her.

I have a list of chyanne-marae-lopez-who-talks-alot-about-kpop-which-oh-well-i-could-not-get-good-deeds that would always hold me to the thought that I will be this woman’s friend and sister. Yeah well, the good deeds list mostly if not all benefited the majority of the community, eh, benefited our friendship, okay, benefited me. Sometimes I’m the community. Ha!

During our last year in college, as I was elected Student President of our University, she was the Editor In Chief of the batch’s Yearbook souvenir. And she nailed it. Together with her team, she made us all proud. I am proud.

Now, after the leaps of struggle of our five year degree in college, we call ourselves Engineers. She as an Electronics and Communications Engineer and me as a Mechanical Engineer. We are already living the next chapter of our lives but I have always believed that the connection from the previous chapter of our books will ease and color theย blank pages of our present and future sketches. She’ll always have a place in my book.

Thank you for being an inspiration. Keep rocking the world, Cause In Marae!

I am planning to let her read this on her birthday, so caz, if ever you lost your way to my blog, Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ™‚


(this is us on our graduation, April 10, 2015)

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