I couldn’t wait until April 15, or for any other special occasion, so I’ll post this now. Ha ha. This is just a pinch of my gratefulness to your existence so keep reading.

For all of the years that we had been together, I never thought of you as my best friend, because you are more than that.

Our bond is too precious to be celebrated with a measly greeting card on Friendship’s Day. So in all the way that I could (even if at times I fail), I’m gonna make every day count and keep poking you with my craziness just to let you know that I love you. From handwritten notes to funny doodles about the crazy stuff we’ve done together, I want you to know how much I appreciate you for all the support, hugs and smiles. You will always hold a special place in my life’s memory bank.

Sissy, you always understand all the things I never say and never says anything I don’t understand. Sometimes I think we have a built in Bluetooth devices on our brains, it seems like our thoughts are in sync. Looking back in life, I see that the best memories we had were the simplest moments spent together. The pancakes at your kitchen, the crazy covers we had for our most admired songs and bands, the silent walkathon, the sticky notes, the selfies of over fifty copies but only one or two is acceptable, the guitar sessions, the ouch ouch ouch moments, the insane hair days, and the foods. Who could forget the foods. My dear, I owe you tons for giving me a pool of awesome nostalgia. Mwah!

I have been working on this for almost a month. I want this to be as special as you so I’m taking all the time in the world. I’m really hoping that this could at least melt a part of your heart. I can’t even remember when our friendship began but I know it will never end, for this lifetime and for the next.

What I had enumerated below were the random things I would like you to know and to understand since day one. But I couldn’t find the perfect timing so before it’s too late, here:

1. It’s okay if you don’t have too many friends. Just one good friend is all it takes to make life worth living.
>> You always complain on how your friends treated you. How you feel ignored and taken for granted by the people you trusted and loved. But I tell you, you don’t need all of them. Just one is enough. I hope I am that one good friend for you.

2. You know exactly when and where to tell me what I want to hear, when I want to hear it the most.
>> When I have my bad and crazy and hateful and angry and sh*tty days, you show up right on time to save the day. You’re like my real life super hero.

3. You keep on giving, even when I have nothing to give in return.
>> One of the very best things I like about you, you have a kind heart.

4. You have been by my side, in success, and in failure.
>> Having a friend in good times is an awesome feeling, but having them when everything is a mess is beyond that. Thank you for staying and never leaving.

5. I never get ruffled even when I have troubles coming my way, because I know that you are just a phone call or a text away.

6. I don’t have any wishes in life. As long as I have a friend like you, I’ve got it all.

7. The way you help me solve all my problems in my life, sometimes I think that you are a fairy in disguise.
>> Not just a fairy, a hero indeed.

8. You gave me your shoulder to lean on when I was down, a piece of your mind when I was acting crazy, your hand to help me move on and your heart to heal all my worries.
>> And I couldn’t ask for more.

9. If friends like you came with price tags, I would have been a millionaire. You are precious and our friendship is priceless.

10. You have been the foundation of our friendship, my pillar of strength and the wall which shields me from every sorrow. If you were a house, I could live inside you.

11. My love for you and our friendship is worth more than millions of likes on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of retweets on Twitter.

12. Some of my life’s BEST memories would not exist if it weren’t with you.

13. Worries in my life are halved because I can share them with you. Happiness in my life is doubled because you never let me feel blue.

14. You make happiness worth sharing and you make my dreams worth believing.

15. Your presence lightens up my sky like the crimson rays of the morning sun. Being around you makes even dull and boring moments seem so fun.

16. Through all of life’s murkiest corners and bends, I’ve always sailed through, because of you, my friend.

17. The secret to lifelong friendship is to treat a friend not just as a gift, but also as a responsibility. Thanks for playing your part to perfection.

18. You tolerate my idiosyncrasies and crazy habits to the point that you had become a part of me.

19. You walk with me when I needed support, you walk ahead of me when I needed guidance and you walk behind me when I needed someone to watch my back. I couldn’t thank you enough.

20. I got your back, Sis.

I couldn’t thank you enough for everything. You have blessed me more than you could imagine. My life would never be as strong and as fun without you. Always remember that I am just here, even if I don’t act like one. I juggle my temper around my corner and you know it better than others, yet you stayed. Sorry if I made you feel less appreciated, but you are not. Even more, my respect and love for you grew tall. Sometimes it feels like you are the older one. Ha ha.

Life made sure we cross our paths even if you are Handumanan away from Doña Juliana. Thank you for a friend like you for letting me know what Home feels like. Thanks for the shelter and comfort your presence provide. Thank you, Home.

Love you once, Love you still, Love you always, Love you forever, Love you beyond. 🙂



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