Lover Over


Half my life I have believed that first love never dies. Maybe it doesn’t but sooner or later I realized that it could fade on the process of finding something or someone to perceive that one could possibly love exceptionally without the fear of getting broken.

Sometimes, I admire my heart. I had been hurt bigtime but I can still manage to love hard.Looking back to those days where I literally mourn my heart, I could just sigh and breathe out a sense of relief that I have experienced it all. It made me strong. It made me become who I am today. It made me feel that I more of what and who I am yesterday.

After all, we never remember our First Love as the first one who taught us how to love, we remember our First Love as the first one who broke our hearts. And the sadness from the shattered pieces became one of a delight, because we need to be broken for us to be whole again.

Maybe first love never really dies, it stings around, making us jointed from the memories we could never left behind, and it nourish us to take risks in love and in life. Above all, its just a first. Who knows what is instill for us at the end. One can never tell.

Up until this day, I harked back to the day I let myself felt love for the first time, though it caused me pieces, it did made me liquidate myself more. Now, I can tell my story without any hurts between the pauses. I have understood that not all first ones will stay and win the flag, it do us a favor of warming ourselves up for what awaits us on the next corner of the road.

It pushed me out of my safe zone and it offered me courage, and so I took it, and I was never afraid of taking risks anymore.


“The grass ain’t always green all the time, it’s greener where you water it.

So to you first love.
Life made sure that we broke each others heart. But Life made sure that we become whole again. So don’t waste life’s offers and don’t take people for granted. Live your Life. Take chances. Take risks. Be happy. Be free.

I have always wished for your success and happiness. Seeing you closer in making your dreams come true makes me not a less proud of you. Someday, everything will be fine, and everything will be great. In HIS time. Be strong, I may not always be there for you but remember, no matter what comes our way, whatever choices you make, I will always want you to be happy. That’s what good friends are for, right? I WILL NEVER FORGET HOW WE FOUGHT DRAGONS TOGETHER AND HOW WE NAMED EACH OTHERS SCARS. Thank you for the friendship and the lesssons, I have learned alot.

See you when I see you. So long friend.”


(Photos taken from Tumblr)


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