Been staring at this blank sheet of paper for almost an hour. I dont know where would I start. I have been blessed with your life in every way possible and in many ways you may and you may not know.

When I meet people who know you, they always tell me how amazing you are. All I do is smile, and let my heart answer in agreement, “I know. I know.”

Do you remember the first time you talked to me and asked me to teach Hataw sessions after class? I said Yes, ofcourse. But I asked myself sometimes, Why me? Why me Daddy?

Do you remember the time you welcomed me into your new office? You even gave me a key for myself. You said “It’s for you, dear.” OMG, something just struck me. I felt trusted. So I said to myself, “I won’t let you down. I will show to you that I am worth your trust.”

Days after days,  in just a short time, I find myself slowly attached to you. Ang bait bait mo kasi, kaya hindi ka mahirap mahalin ng mga tao sa paligid mo. (You’re so good that’s why you aren’t hard to be loved by the people around you.) I really find myself so happy when I spend my time with you and the RWSO Mights.

So, Do you remember when I added you as Father to my family member list on Facebook? And you accepted. You even called me “Anak” the next day. It made me teary eyed tho. I knew by then, what I have with this man is for keeps. My life will about to change, for the better.

Do you remember when I and Stephanie got back together as friends? You even cried. You cried because you  are so happy.

Do you remember when a bad girl kinda shouted at you during some pageant on  2011 because she’s pissed? You have that look on your face that made her regret what she did the moment she looked at you. She apologized and you forgave her. You even treated her at KFC and bought her an ice tea that both of you liked so much. The girl texted me earlier, She said she’s still very sorry for what she did years ago.

Do you remember how you taught me how to swim?

Do you remember how you invite me and the officemates for a movie marathon sleepover at your house?

Do you remember how devastated, stressed, emotionally distressed I am during my term as a student leader? You are there to cheer me up, to feed me with unending encouragements, to help me find my english, to assure me that I can do all things that I wanted to do with determination and my heart on it, to be my towel when I cannot hold the pressure anymore, even if I tore your uniform with my tears, you still accepted me open arms to comfort me.

Do you remember how you always text me to boost my confidence before my Board Meetings would start?

Do you remember the events you and Tita Cynthia took time to come back to school even if its late in the evening just to watch me dance and perform?

Do you remember how you tap my shoulder to compliment me for a job well done?

Do you remember how you brought me into places I thought  I will never discover?

Do you remember the late night convos we had about life? How life works? And what’s life about life?

Do you remember when I was hospitalized for a week because of Dengue, Typhoid fever and UTI? I needed three bags of blood for an asap blood transfusion. And it was you who helped me and my family to find those blood bags. You saved my life daddy. Thank you.

But what touches me the most during those times was the moment you texted me after you went home during that Saturday, I quote,

“I am quite sad. I hope today is a weekday so that I could donate my blood at the RCY Office, put it in a blood bag, and deliver it to you, since I’m also a B+. I’m hoping you could use my blood so there would be a real Gaitan blood running on your veins too, even if its minimal.”

I cried. I am grateful. I wish I could hug you so tight.

Do you remember when I told you I could not celebrate my debut because my family are financially challenge during the time being? You told me, “Nah. We’ll make a way.” And you did. You summoned your angels, aka officemates, to prepare my party. I did nothing. My party became possible because of the amazing efforts and generous hearts of my friends. I dont know how could I show how thankful I am. Even until now, I’m still coping up. Even in small things, I wish I could repay everything you’ve done for me. For making me so blessed and happy.

Do you remember how you immediately reply to my messages even if you are in a middle of a meeting, or a business, or anything. You would always took time to be there for me in every way. You always make yourself available.

Do you remember how you embrace me and kiss the tip of my head just to assure me that I’m not alone and you are there for me?

Do you remember how you took pictures of me surfing the net, reading something, or even sleeping just to practice your photography skills? And when the memory gets full you’ll say, “For souvenir” and you wouldn’t let me see my face because you know I’m gonna delete it all. Haha. This one always makes me smile.

These are just 1/100000th of the things I wouldn’t forget to remember. Thank you so much! I may not express these into great words of how truly grateful I am, but I am. I really am. Dy, remember the promise I told you years ago? I will never leave. Magkainanu pa, balikbalikan ta gd ka ya. I love you so much Dy. Thank you for your love and for treating me as family. Thank you for being my all time problem absorber and listener. Thank you for being my best friend.




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